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Ark Naturals 楝樹驅蚤噴霧


HR-005    8 oz    HK$128.00

Starting from HK$128.00
主要成份:印度楝樹油 (Neem Oil)、香茅油。楝樹油在亞、非洲各地已沿用數百年, 是天然的殺蟲藥,並能有效驅除跳蚤、蚊、 蚋、 蠅、 牛蜱等。 香茅油為有效的驅蚤精華油。驅蚤噴霧亦可用於一般蚊蟲咬傷或皮膚過敏、發炎。

 Why Choose Neem “Protect” Spray?

  • Specially formulated for Ark Naturals by a team of chemists and herbal scientists using premium natural botanical extracts.
  • Neem oil may help reduce the risk of infections, itching and dermatitis from insect bites.  
  • Neem oil is inhospitable to biting insects such as flies, fleas, mosquitoes 
  • Neem Protect products are safe for puppies and kittens.
  • Safe for children to play with treated pets.
  • Safe and effective for human use.
  • Contains no DEET, pyrethrins or other synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

Ingredients: Neem, citronella oil, botanical essential oils and gentle emulsifiers. All natural. Contains no DEET, pyrethrins, pyrethroids or other chemical pesticides
Directions for use:
For best results on first usage or with heavy infestations, spray animal heavily with Neem Protect Spray. Allow 1 to 2 hours to take effect.
Thereafter, on clean, dry animal, spray Neem Protect Spray from head to tail every 7 to 10 days during flea and tick season. 
Neem Protect Spray is water-soluble and must be re-applied each time animal gets wet.  You may re-apply as often as needed.  It can be used in your pets bedding, cage, etc.
Keep Neem Protect Spray away from your pets eyes, nose, and mouth. Do not spray near food or water dishes.
For best results use in conjunction with Neem Protect Shampoo. Safe for year-round use on both pets and humans.
Neem Protect Spray uses a natural tree oil that has been used in Asia for years to repel lice, mites, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, and ticks. Helps soothe itching and skin irritation.
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