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GreenPet 天然檸檬殺蚤浸治


HR-012    200 ml    HK$280.00

Starting from HK$280.00
傳統殺蚤浸浴 (俗稱奶水) 含有毒殺蟲藥,不但損害寵物的皮膚和內臟,有時還會令寵物中毒。檸檬殺蚤浸治成份天然,以3茶匙混1 L水浸身,過清水吹乾即可。適含8星期以上的犬隻使用,不適用於貓兒。成份:柑橘萃取物、椰子乳化劑、大豆油。

A totally natural concentrate that is diluted with water to make a dip against fleas.  Suitable for puppies 8 weeks or older, not suitable for cats.  Dilute 3 teaspoons of Lemon Rinse in 1 litre of water. After the dip, just rinse off with water and blow dry.  Contains citrus extract, coconut emulsifyer, soy bean oil

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