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Herbatint 永久草本染髮劑, 5N, 淺栗子色


HC-003    5N    HK$156.00    HK$146.00

Starting from HK$146.00
不含亞摩尼亞、對基苯甲酸酯、間苯二酚等化學劑。超低量過氧化氫和苯二胺(PPD)。含有蘆薈、白芒花、白樺樹、金縷梅、紫錐花等草本成份滋潤頭髮。可完全遮蓋白髮。一盒可分一次或多次使用。第一次使用請先做敏感測試。小貼士:染髮出來的效果因人而異。一般來說,剛染髮後的顏色較深,慢慢會變得較自然。有些人覺得用低一度的染髮劑效果好些。例如若要染深棕色,應用3N (深粟子色) 而非2N (深棕色)。

No Ammonia
Specially formulated from herb extracts, Herbatint® uses rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk, to gently deposit color, achieving a natural, vibrant result for your hair.

No Damage
Due to its unique composition, Herbatint® permanently colors hair without damage - resulting in a natural, subtle color that not only looks great, but feels soft time after time.

Natural Gloss and Shine
Herbatint® has a natural translucent property to enhance your hair with a light-reflecting, healthy shine; so it doesn't create the 'block color' look often associated with chemical colorants.

Since 1970
More Conditioning
More Lasting Color
With Aloe Vera
No Ammonia
No Paraben
100% Grey Cover
For one or two applications
More Intense shining color
Effective Grey Cover
Long lasting color

Rich in enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides, vitamins A-C-E and mineral salts. Soothes scalp during application. Strengthens and protects the hair during application. Contributes effectively to extra conditioning action and longer lasting color.

Herbatint Haircolor Gel:
laureth-5, propylene glycol, water, Peg - 2 oleamine, ethanolamine, walnut extract, rhubarb extract; cinchona extract, aloe extract, meadowfoam extract, birch extract, cetrimonium chloride, echinacea angustifolia extract, hamamelis virginiana extract, sodium sulfite, ascorbic acid, tetrasodium edta, resorcinol, m-o-p aminophenol, 2 amino 3 hydroxypiridine, m-p phenylenediamine.

Glycol Developer:
aqua/water; hydrogen peroxide; etidronic acid; cetrimonium chloride.

Caution: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary patch test, according to accompanying instructions, should be made prior to each application.

This product must not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows. To do so may cause blindness.

Avoid contact with eyes. Should mixture come into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately with cool water.


Wash an area of skin about the size of a dime inside your elbow. Pat dry and apply a few drops of a mixture of HERBATINT color and Glycol Developer. Leave uncovered and undisturbed for 48 hours. Do not use this product if any burning, itching or abnormal reaction occurs in or around the test area.

Hint: the hair color may come out darker than the product description.  Our experience is to use 1 tone lower than the desired color for better result. Hair will look darker immediately after coloring treatment but the color will gradually become the desired color tone after shampooing for a couple of times.

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