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Applaws 雞胸肉芝士貓罐頭


CFC-056    156g    HK$21.00    HK$20.00

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低至 HK$20.00
Applaws 承諾用最好的雞胸肉,超過75%雞胸肉 + 美味的芝士,百分百全天然無添加。Applaws 雞胸肉芝士貓罐頭提供天然的牛磺酸,和其他完整和平衡的乾濕貓糧一起餵食,可作為輔助食糧。

Applaws Cat is great for your pets nutrition

  • 75% Chicken Breast - We insist on only the highest quality, human grade meat protein in our tins
  • 100% Natural - Nothing added, Nothing hidden
  • A Natural Source Of Taurine - essential for proper function for the heart and eye health
  • Made with limited ingredients - from as little as 3 ingredients

Our chicken with cheese cat tin is packed full of tasty chicken breast and mouthwatering cheese your cat will find irresistible

Every time you open a tin of Applaws, you can instantly see what sets it apart. Nothing else is added – there are no hidden colourings, no flavourings or vitamin packs.



Chicken Breast 70%, Cheese 5%, Rice 1%, Cooking water 24%





Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 14%, Crude Oils & Fats 0.5%, Crude Ash 2%, Crude Fibre 1%, Moisture 82%


Natural Declaration

100% Natural, Applaws is a complementary pet food for adult cats, feed alongside a complete wet or dry cat food including Applaws complete dry cat food, for a balanced diet.

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