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Comfy Cone 軟頸圈


CO-001    特小 (頸至鼻尖: 11 cm)    HK$120.00

CO-001A    小 (頸至鼻尖: 14 cm)    HK$130.00

CO-001A/B    小/中 (頸至鼻尖: 20 cm, 頸圈較小)    HK$180.00

CO-001B    中 (頸至鼻尖: 20 cm)    HK$190.00

CO-001C    大 (頸至鼻尖: 25 cm)    HK$230.00

CO-001D    特大 (頸至鼻尖: 30 cm)    HK$270.00

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低至 HK$120.00
用柔軟的尼龍布料製造,尼龍舔扣可隨意調校頸圈大小。寵物帶着頸圈亦可以舒適的隨意走動、吃喝和睡覺。容易清潔,可放洗衣機清洗。特別適合皮膚敏感、熱痱、手術後使用。先量度頸的圓周和頸至鼻尖的距離,頸至鼻尖的距離為最重要的標準。若要頸圈有效保護寵物,要選頸至鼻尖較長的頸圈。例如你的貓狗的頸至鼻尖距離是17 cm,你便要選中碼的頸圈。

A new comfortable version of the old Elizabethan collar

  • made of nylon fabric laminated into 1/2 inch foam which is soft & yielding while still being sturdy & protective
  • veterinary tested and approved
  • has elastic loops to thread pets own collar through to keep securely in place
  • allows your pet to eat and drink in comfort
  • conforms to any shape your pet passes through
  • uses Velcro closures and tabs to adjust to many sizes
  • reversible so you can change if one side gets to dirty
  • both water-resistant and repellent, easy to wipe clean and dry
  • lightweight
  • machine washable
  • folds flat for easy storage
  • has reflective binding to help protect your pet while going outside at night
  • won't scratch walls or bruise human legs

Available in 5 sizes (black only): 
Neck size: 9 3/4in - 12 1/2in (25cm - 31cm)
Neck to snout: 4 1/4in (11cm)
Breeds that might wear this size:
Chihuahua, Cats and Kittens


Neck size: 10in - 14in (25.5cm - 35.75cm)
Neck to snout: 5 1/2in (14 cm)
Breeds that might wear this size:
Maltese and Yorkies, Large Cats


small / medium (neck size: small, neck to snout: medium)
Neck size: 10in - 14in (25.5cm - 35.75cm)
Neck to snout: 8in (20cm)
Breeds that might wear this size:
Poodle, Schnauzer, Larger Sized Pug, Fox Terrier


Neck size: 12in - 15in
Neck to snout: 8in (20cm)
Breeds that might wear this size:
French Bulldog


Neck size: 14in - 22in
Neck to snout: 10in (25cm)
Breeds that might wear this size:


Neck size: 21in - 25in
Neck to snout: 12in (30cm)
Breeds that might wear this size:
Golden Retriever


How to choose the size:
Measure the neck size and neck to snout.  When selecting your size, the most important measurement is neck to snout. The collar has to come past the nose or the pet can reach many parts of its body.  To ensure that your pet can't pull the collar off, thread its collar or a piece of gauze thru the elastic loops on the neck. 

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