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日本Iris高身貓砂盆 (有砂隔)


CLT-006    NA-400N 藍色    HK$370.00

Starting from HK$370.00
銀離子抗菌塑膠材質製造,兩層/瀘網式貓便盆,網格下方可置放尿便墊,吸收掉下的尿液污漬,改善便盆臭味。亦適用於木屑砂的愛用者,可過瀘化成粉狀的木砂。附有貓砂鏟一個。上蓋三邊高身設計,減少貓砂散於地面,適合喜歡挖砂但不喜歡密封式砂盆的貓隻。低盆近地面,無論幼貓老貓都可輕易進入盆內。尺吋: 寬 40cm / 長 50cm / 高 27cm。

This open cat litter tray has removable litter guard to prevent litter from spreading outside. The grid bottom (inner sieve box) acts as a sieve to reduce urine odor and dust.  You can place a training pad in the bottom layer to collect urine and dust for easy cleaning. The bottom tray is low to the ground and it is easy for kittens and old cats to climb in. Good for messy cats who like to scratch but do not like enclosed cat litter box. Also good for non-clumping cat litter that turns to dust when wet. Made of antimicrobial plastic using silver (Ag+) ion technology. Color: light blue.  Size: 50cm x 40cm x 27cm.

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