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Premier 頸圈連拖帶


CO-007A       HK$68.00

CO-007B       HK$70.00

Starting from HK$68.00
Premier 拖帶 連頸圈簡單易用,先量度耳後頸上方的圓周選擇尺碼。調校好合適的頸圈長度,拖帶未拉緊時,頸圈可寬鬆的掛在頸上。拖帶受力拉緊,頸圈會收緊防止狗狗脫繩。Premier 拖帶連頸圈是溜狗和訓練狗狗的好幫手。柔軟耐用的尼龍製造。頸圈連拖帶寬八分三吋,長四呎,藍色。

Size Width Length
Small 3/4" 8"-12"
Medium 3/4" 10"-16"
Large 1" 14"-20"
X-Large 1" 18"-28"

Once you've selected the proper size, simply place the larger loop over your dog's head.  Adjust to fit by pushing the nylon through the slide.  When tightened with a leash or by grasping the small nylon loop like a handle, the two metal rings should touch directly behind your dog's ears. Attach tags to these rings rather than the D-ring.  The small nylon loop will lie flat after a few days of wear.

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