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Solid Gold 海草礦物素


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含有19種海洋植物和60種微量礦物質。極其適用於愛咬尾巴及舔腳爪的犬隻;有助改善身體的胸腺和甲狀腺;以及荷爾蒙激素系統和蹆系統。Solid Gold 海草礦物素通常與Solid Gold 狗糧一起使用,因它含有消化酶,令食物更容易消化,亦提供平均的維他命與礦物質。

Our Seameal is now yeast-free and has been reformulated with flax seed meal, an excellent source of Omega-3 & -6 essential fatty acids. Flax seed is found to stimulate the immune system, reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, contain a high level of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients which have anti-tumor properties.

SeaMeal is made with nineteen different species of sea vegetation.  It is an excellent source of nutrition, and often a more popular supplement than many chemical vitamins and minerals.  Of the nineteen different species, only one is kelp.  We use kelp for its iodine content, but kelp should never be fed on its own (unless combined with other seaweeds) because it contains small amounts of arsenic.  The other eighteen types of seaweed contain arsenate, which binds with the arsenic molecules and takes them out of the body, preventing them from being absorbed.

The addition of seaweed and kelp to an animal's diet can produce many great benefits.  SeaMeal contains 60 trace minerals, 12 vitamins and 22 amino acids.  SeaMeal should be given twice a day, and mixed with the morning and evening feedings. 

SeaMeal also contains digestive enzymes, which improve the diestibility of the food. Probiotics and digestive enzymes cannot be put right into pet foods, because they are denatured at 120 F degrees, and pet foods must be cooked at least at 265 F degrees.

SeaMeal supplementation often helps prevent dogs from stool eating.  SeaMeal helps to boost up the thymus and thyroid glands, which control the immune, hormone and enzyme systems of the body.  SeaMeal helps to restore lost hair growth, intensify coat color and particularly remove the red tinge that can affect black coats in cats and dogs, which may be caused by an iron deficiency. 
SeaMeal helps to boost up the immune system, which is the first line of defense against allergens.  It also helps prevent chewing at the feet, scratching at the skin and hair loss.
SeaMeal contains several species of green seaweeds, which are rich in chlorophyll, a detoxifier.  The blue-green algae family is acknowledged for its immune-enhancing properties.  The brown and red colored seaweeds are rich in carotenoids which also have antioxidants and anti-cancer properties and support the heart and circulation.  Flavonoids from red, purple or blue colored seaweeds support connective tissue regeneration, collagen formulation , help to stabilize and protect blood capillaries from oxidative damage.
Ingredients: Dried sea vegetation, flax seed meal, dehydrated lemon powder, carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin B12 supplement (cyanocobalamin), dried Aspergillus oryzae (var) fermentation product, dried Aspergillus niger (var) fermentation product, pineapple and lactose.
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