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Thundershirt 貓貓安靜衣


THUN-007    小 (S)    HK$480.00    HK$380.00

THUN-008    中 (M)    HK$480.00    HK$380.00

Starting from HK$380.00
停止恐懼,焦慮和過度興奮問題的自然方法。ThunderShirt 的專利設計利用溫柔固定的壓力帶來戲劇性的平靜效果。
  • SAFE - Applies gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant.
  • EASY TO USE - Just put it on and watch the results. No training required.
  • EFFECTIVE - Over 80% success rate as reported by families, vets and trainers.
  • THE PERFECT VET VISIT SOLUTION – Allow ThunderShirt’s calming pressure to reduce your cat’s (and your) anxiety for the entire vet experience: travelling to, during and travelling home. Reduces or eliminates scratching, biting, soiling the crate, mewing, and much more.
  • MANY USES - But not just for the vets. Works for all types of anxiety, fear, and over excitement issues. Anytime calming may help, a ThunderShirt may help.
  • PHEROMONE PATCH - Includes absorbent pheromone patch for using the added calming benefit of ThunderSpray.
  • DRUG-FREE - No medications... just safe, comfortable pressure.
  • POSITIVE SOLUTION - Most cats love to wear ThunderShirts!


Two Sizes:

SM: for cats under 9 lb

MD: for cats between 9 - 13 lb

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